No two players are the same


Years ago I was listening to an interview with legendary football coach Tony Dungy on the topic of leadership.  Something he said in that conversation really stuck with me.  He shared with listeners a little nugget of wisdom that had been shared with him when he was a young coach.  He said a coach’s only job is to help his players play better.  His role did not require him to show how great he was by having the fanciest playbook.  It didn’t mean he had to display wild swings of emotion on the sidelines during games.  Certainly it didn’t mean he had to treat all of his players the same.  In fact, quite the opposite was true.  In order to help each player be the best they could be, it is the coach’s responsibility to know enough about and care enough about each player on the team and have the ability to adapt their coaching style to the needs of the players in any situation to motivate those players toward the shared goals of the team.

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